Peanut Butter Cheerios Made Me Feel Like an Idiot.

So, you know you’ve been gone a long time when you see Peanut Butter Cheerios and basically freak out right there in the aisle at Target.

One of the first things I do upon returning to the States is go grocery shopping. And, the second thing I do is freak out in the cereal aisle. Seriously, people. Peanut Butter Cheerios? Ducle de Leche Cheerios?!? Chocolate Chex? Mixed-Berry Mini Wheats? Need I go on? I know I must sound like an idiot. “Oh my gawd, look how long this aisle is, and it’s all cereal!?!!” or, like last night, “my kids would freak out if they saw this! (looking at an entire aisle dedicated to ice cream)”

Actually, I really enjoy freaking out at the grocery store. Every aisle brings with it the opportunity to gawk at seemingly unending treasures and choices. “You mean they shred all the cheeses for you now?” “How many different kinds of bottled iced teas are there?!?”

After all the gawking comes trying to navigate the check out aisle. You wouldn’t think using a credit card would be so difficult. But, we went back and forth for a good minute about whether or not I could just ‘tap’ my card, and what movement, exactly, equals a ‘tap’. Turns out mine was a swipe and sign, and even that wasn’t as smooth a process as it probably should’ve been.

I forget about how silly I feel when I first come back Stateside, and even though I sound like I’m from here, and technically, I am, I can’t seem to do the things most Americans do everyday.

Think of it like getting in the driver’s seat of someone else’s car. You know you know how to drive, and you know this car is very similar to your car, but you still don’t quite feel comfortable driving it yet.

So, for now, I’ll carry on gawking, making odd exclamations in the aisles and fumbling my way through the entire process, but I hope that, at least, someone might see me and it might make them chuckle (or, more likely, laugh at the idiot freaking out in the cereal aisle).

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