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k before run 2017

Getting Ready

So, you all know I run. I don’t run fast, and as with my writing, my running isn’t super consistent. But, I enjoy it, and I like to get out often, except for when I find an excuse not to. Running is as much about disciplining the mind as it is the body.

Anyway, I ran a 10k while on vacation in my hometown, Kalamazoo, last weekend. I had a blast. Seriously. Best race I’ve run in a really long time. My time was good, for me, but more it was my mindset. I wanted to be there. I was happy and excited to be there. People were having fun and there were several cheerleaders along the route. Even though it was early in the morning, I felt amazing.

As awesome as that was, the race wasn’t actually the focus of this piece. When I run, I think. My mind wanders and I let it – suddenly I’m a mile further than I was the last time I focused on my surroundings – woot!

So, during this race, I started thinking about the arbitrariness of life. There I was, in my hometown, in a location I know very well, but yet, I was still an outsider, a visitor. That’s a strange feeling. To be home, yet to not really be home. It’s a feeling I’m pretty familiar with. As an expat, and even in places in the US that aren’t Kalamazoo, I have felt both at home and like an outsider simultaneously.

We’ve been in Texas for nearly four years now. I have good friends, I know my way around pretty well, at least in our immediate area. I refer to Texas as home when I’m not there. But, I’m still an outsider. I have to ask questions people who’ve lived there their whole lives, or who are second or third generation (or more) in the the area, wouldn’t dream of needing to ask. I’m in good company, though. Many people who live in our neighborhood are transplants or expats, so that helps – we all muddle our way through and faux pas are generally kept to a minimum.

I am always a little speechless (which doesn’t happen often) when I think about the arbitrariness of friendships. What if we had moved into a different neighborhood? What would my life be like now? What if I never took Arabic classes in Dubai? What if I never went to the temp agency in Chicago and got the job at Aon? What if I never left the bank? What if I never left Kalamazoo in the first place?

Why does any of that matter? Maybe it doesn’t. But these are things I think about when I run.


Look What They Done to ‘im

In high school, my friend Tina (of The Tina Situation) and I went through a phase of watching the Faces of Death movies (I think it was more like a night or two, rather than an actual phase, but still). I remember sitting in her basement, looking through my fingers to see all these people meet their demise in various tragic, ridiculous, and dare I say staged, ways. One scene that has stuck with me, and has since caused me to learn alligator evasion tactics, was the the one where the man gets blown off course during a sky diving competition and comes down in the gator pit at Gatorama in Florida.  All you see is some thrashing, and you hear the tourist videotaping it exclaim in horror, “Look what they done to ‘im!” *shiver*

Why am I telling you this? Because if you look closely at the sign below, you’ll see it states, “Beware of Alligators & Poisonous Snakes”. Why is this important? Because this sign is repeated every hundred yards or so around the lake where I did my run this weekend.


*pause for effect*

Can you imagine what was going on in my head during this run? Scan for escape routes, breathe, run zigzag, don’t show fear, breathe, kick the gator on his snout, breath. 

There are several of these gator lakes and bayous here in Katy, and the majority of the running trails snake (pun intended) their way around them. I should note that at any given time, there are several people using these trails and I have yet to spot a gator, but I doubt that’s going to ease my imagination at all.

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